Game occasionally fails to load

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Game occasionally fails to load

Postby blueblood » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:38 am

The first couple times I saw this problem I ignored it, but it seems to be occurring more frequently.

After I click to enter Galle (on my laptop), sometimes the game just doesn't load. All the sectors stay locked, and I end up with a message box that looks like this:

Downloading game data
Loading data...
Loading data...
Loading data...
Loading data...
Fleets: 0/702
Planets: 0/272
SpaceBuildings: 0/418

Which is strange, because it got at least enough game info to know how many fleets/etc exist in the game. It just hangs here and doesn't continue.

Closing the browser tab and opening a new one usually fixes this, so it's not a huge deal. Just wanted to post it in case it was a symptom of a more serious problem. (Or I'm just paranoid about not being able to log in and feed my addiction! :roll:)
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